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3rd fanfiction | BEHIND THE LIFE | -preview

Title: Behind The Life

Author: kyurin

Main Cast: Me as Alice Park – SJ Ryeowook as Nathan Kim – SJ Kyuhyun as Marcus Jo – SJ Eunhyuk as Spencer Lee – SJ Sungmin as Vincent Lee

Minor Cast: SJ Members & SNSD Members (Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny)

Genre: VampireAU, Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Thriller (dikit)

Length: Chaptered

Rating: PG-13

Point of View: Alice Park & Author

Fanfiction Soundtrack: TRAX – Oh! My Goddess (ga nyambung -_-)

Disclaimer: I do not own all of casts in this fanfict. They belong to themselves, their entertainment group, and their family. This fanfict is just for fun. Do not sue me. I only own Alice Park. She belongs to myself. Hope all ot you enjoy the story. Thanks! 🙂

a/n: Jangan bayangin Nathan itu kaya Ryeowook yang asli. Nathan disini 50% berbeda dari Ryeowook .__. LOL XD

*~ Happy Reading ~*

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