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[FF/Oneshoot/PG-13] 2 Years

2 Years

Cho Kyuhyun – Han Hyeri – Kim Ryeowook

Don’t like? Don’t read

Hope all of you enjoy this story

And don’t forget, don’t copy this ff without my permission, okay?



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[FF/1/PG-13] Because I Hear Ur Heart

Because I Hear Ur Heart

Author: kyurin

Cast: Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior)/Han Hyeri (OC)

Genre: Romance, Friendship

Length: 1/?

a/n: Author bikin ini ff, bener-bener nguras otak. Jadiii, author minta tolong banget buat reader yang udah baca, tinggalin jejak ya. Jangan jadi silent reader ^__^

Oh iya, yang belum baca prolog ff ini, bisa baca disini.

-happy reading-


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